Nina Sinatra

2021 -                 Senior Mechanical Engineer | Google ATAP
2019 - 2021       Mechanical / Materials Engineer | Google ATAP

2013 - 2019       PhD, Materials Science & Mech. Engineering | Harvard University
2013 - 2017       MS, Engineering Sciences | Harvard University
2012 - 2013       MS, Materials Science & Engineering | Columbia University
2008 - 2012       BS, Materials Science & Engineering | MIT

 sinatra [dot] nina [at] gmail [dot] com

Soft robotic griper
Dual RJS Reservoir V1_2.jpg

Designing soft fiber-reinforced robotic actuators for deep sea manipulation.

Flexible and durable hydraulic devices incorporating a strain-limiting nanofiber layer.

A novel fab approach for multi-modal nanotextiles, including polymer materials and orthogonal solutions.

Image: Karaghen Hudson

endless horizontal.jpg
V2 Mountain Lion Pull Spinner KHudson CA
DSC_0167 2.jpg

Photographic and sculptural collaboration with visual artist Carla Ciuffo. 

Image: "Endless Horizontal" 

Manufacturing polymer nanofibers using a bioinspired point-of-use system.

Image: Karaghen Hudson

Case studies: Exploring novel nanofiber topologies and designing point-and-shoot model garments.

sem-larger 1.JPG
Innovating Ceramics #63.jpg

Photoswitchable binary colloidal monolayers.

Using 3D printing to examine the acoustics of Asian elephant communication.

Using additive manufacturing and robot-controlled deposition to fabricate fibrous ceramic structures.