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Image Credit: Carla Ciuffo

Nano.Stasis is is an art form that explores the exquisite side of a radical new technology - spinning nanofibers. The collaboration between myself and artist Carla Ciuffo uses nanofibers fabricated by the Disease Biophysics Group's cotton candy-inspired rotary jet spinning system to create art. This groundbreaking method has yielded a nanofiber textile that is evolving for a spectrum of futuristic applications – from wound healing and tissue engineering to performance fibers and "smart" sports related products. Now, for the first time, these nanofibers are becoming art. 


Carla and I worked together to transform nanofibers into small-scale canvases and large format artworks. Scanning electron microscopy reveals the otherwordly landscape of a nanofiber sheet, filled with twisting columns, crevasses, elegant tendrils and dark abysses. The microcosm captured by the SEM fits perfectly into Ciuffo's Stasis series, capturing moments between moments within ethereal composite imagery. 


Preliminary results and images were presented at the Art Technology Psyche II symposium at Harvard University in April 2016, but the collaboration continues to expand and to explore radical new directions within nanofiber art.

Image: Carla Ciuffo

Image: Carla Ciuffo

Video: Disease Biophysics Group

Image: Carla Ciuffo

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